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GO EAT FUCK [Apr. 5th, 2017|10:49 pm]
The salt is coming off of the taffy...
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Rag and bone! [Aug. 7th, 2009|06:21 am]
[Current Music |The White Stripes]

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Coincidence or Memorex? [Oct. 11th, 2008|06:12 am]
[Current Mood |giddy]
[Current Music |Bon Iver]

I awoke Friday morning having dreamed that my old friend Stacy was moving back to Cleveland. He currently resides in L.A. I decided to call since I was thinking about him and couldn't recall the last time that we had spoken. I called to find that Stacy was actually in Cleveland this very weekend visiting family. Speaking to him on the phone made me severely emotional and I thought I was going to lose it. I found this whole occurrence of events very coincidental and it made me very happy. I am going to see him this Sunday for the first time in roughly three years.
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2008|10:03 pm]
[Current Mood |happy]

I have been feeling good for the past three days. My frame of mind is positive and upbeat. I haven't been flooded with irrational distorted thoughts. This is good news! It must be the perfect combination of pizza grease and mountain dew right, George Costanza?

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Road Trip [Jul. 23rd, 2008|07:59 pm]
Three weeks ago I drove from Cleveland to San Diego. Here's me looking like I've been in a truck for 4 days.

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My new blog [Jun. 8th, 2008|06:59 am]
I have been updating my "Tumblr" blog. Christy and I are trying to imbed it into my actual website. You can view it here to keep up on the life of Stanx, and until I work the bugs out of my website:

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Check out my website [May. 7th, 2008|10:25 pm]
It's just a start, but I thought I'd give out the link.

click here to go to my new website
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Attack of the Stanx [May. 7th, 2008|01:10 pm]
[Current Mood |sore]

I am at home today. I strained a muscle in my neck and it is very painful to move my head to the left. Therefore I try not to do that.

This weekend is going to be very activity-filled as Christy is graduating. People are coming to town and the house needs to be cleaned. AHHH!

I am happy to report the upcoming launch of my website which will soon be available. Stay tuned for more info and the address...
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Sweet Sweet Naps [Jul. 28th, 2006|01:32 pm]
Soon this hobo will put down his bindle again. I will begin working at my new job next week. Let's just say that I found the entire job-search process to be unnecessarily stressful.

Fortunately for me, I managed to be off for almost 3 months, yet still get paid my normal wage due to the severance settlement.

It is going to be tough adjusting back to a regular 8 hour work day.

I am going to miss my naps.
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2006|10:13 pm]
I am being forced to watch "So you think you can dance". All I can say is Fosse Fosse Fosse!
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